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Save Filtered Packets with Eye P.A. and Wireshark 1. In Eye P.A., apply the desired filters using the Filter Bar, or drilldown into the desired conversation with the multilayered pie charts. 2. Click File > Send to Wireshark 3. In Wireshark, click Edit > Mark All Displayed Packets. 4. Click Edit > Export Specified Packets... 5. One Answer: 2. · Click File > Send to Wireshark. 3. In Wireshark, click Edit > Mark All Displayed Packets. 4. Click Edit > Export Specified Packets ... 5. In the Export Specified Packets window, name the PCAP file and Save it with the default settings. 6. You will have now saved a PCAP file that only contains the frames that you selected or filtered in Eye P.A. Select the shark fin on the left side of the Wireshark toolbar, press Ctrl+E, or double-click the network. Select File > Save As or choose an Export option to record the capture. To stop capturing, press Ctrl+E.. To create a new packet trace file containing just the filtered/displayed packets, select Export Specified Packets from the Wireshark. Feb 18, 2021 · Packet Details Pane The second pane contains a hierarchical display of information about a single packet. Click the "collapsed and expanded" to show all of the information collected about an individual packet.Packet Bytes Pane The third pane contain encoded packet data, displays a packet in its raw, unprocessed form.. "/>.
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